*THE* Dress – it’s not always what you expect! | The Wedding Series

Hello all! It’s been a while – don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about my blog series, I have had this post written for a while. Things have been pretty crazy, organising my wedding, trying to get our new house in order and the rest of it (lol). In addition to not having a computer it makes posting even harder so, I hope you enjoy this post and I will back soon with another :) and please if you have any questions or topics you would like me to cover let me know in the comments! ^_^

You dream of the day you get to go and try on wedding dresses, you scan over images on Pinterest, fantasise about your ideal style and maybe even see one you like before trying any on.

Yeah, that was me, but not as obsessive (lol). I was taking into consideration my body shape etc. I thought I had my style all decided. I wanted a dress that was fitted at the top and then came out at the bottom, like a ball gown but not as puffy just a little bit but not too much.

You see, this is the issue when it comes to choosing your dress, there are just too many choices! And let’s not get started on the veil and the shoes – that’s another story for another post.

I tried on the style I thought I liked and didn’t like it at all! It didn’t feel like me it was just not something I had imagined for my big day. The lady then suggested another style – something I had not considered as I didn’t think it would be suitable but I fell in love with it and couldn’t see myself wearing any other style!

Now, this is where the indecision began. The one I tried on in the beginning I thought was the one until I tried on other dresses of a similar style and got stuck between two choices – dramas! My bridal party all agreed on one of the dresses, but I was still unsure. I visited the store once again to try on the two options and, I am very pleased with the one I chose, surprisingly it was not what I initially thought I wanted.

What made me change my mind? Well, the one I chose was lighter and easy to move in, I could tell that if I had worn the other one, I would have got annoyed (lol) as it was quite heavy.

Of course, I am not going to give anything away regarding the style or look of my dress, you will just have to wait to see the pictures of the day (hehe) but a few pointers for the ladies out there who are wedding dress searching.

Try on as many as you can – shop around. You may think you have found ‘the one’ but, if you try on a few others, you may find one that is more comfortable or suits you better. Also, be aware of the prices (some dresses come with a hefty price tag), ask them to write down a breakdown of what you need to pay and when, so you know where you stand with payments.

For example, I had to put down 25% of the price of the dress as a deposit and pay the remainder of the balance once the dress is complete with an additional fee for the alterations package.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your wedding dress is one, if not the biggest decision you need to make, once you put the deposit down that is it so make sure you are fully decided and have all doubts clear in your mind before putting any money down for anything.

Oh, and have fun! Take some of your girls and make a day of it! After all, you only get to do this once.

Are you enjoying this series so far? Let me know! :)

Jo x

Bridea – Bride to be box | The Wedding Series

Recently I came across this advert on Facebook, “Bridea” a box of ideas for brides to be. Usually, I’m not a sucker for these adverts but I decided to check it out.

The whole point of this box is to give you ideas for your big day, the box contains items from various companies which, if you like any of them, you can go and purchase for your wedding, which I thought was a nice idea.

When first entering the website I had to sign up to get an email of when the box would be ready, which I did. I had to wait quite a while before boxes became available, so long that I almost forget I had signed up for it, my only reminder was seeing the advert pop up on Facebook every now and then.

I got the email and quickly headed over to the website to order my box! The box cost £19.99 and £3.95 for postage which is not bad and it was done. They said it would arrive in 5-10 working days…I patiently waited. I had ordered the box on the 4th and it arrived on the 10th (not bad, apart from me missing the package and needing to get it from the post office…sigh) so well within the time frame they gave, awesome!

Here are the contents how it came:


I was surprised because I thought the box might have been bigger and/or contained more items, however, the majority of the items that came in the box were lovely and very unique.

I Do stickers
‘I Do’ stickers to put on the bottom of your bridal shoes – comes in blue.

Personalised Gifts
Samples of a personalised cup, wooden heart name place (which you can write on) & personalised rock (sweets)

A confetti pop/launcher to pop over the bride & groom on the big day.

Coaster and Card
Save the date double sided coaster & an ‘advice for the Bride & Groom’ card.

Personalised fan
A fan that can be personalised on the edges

Brides hair tie
A ‘Bride’ hair tie

Bride Sunglasses
Personalised ‘Bride’ sunglasses

Bride Bag
‘I can’t keep calm I’m getting married’ bag

Wedding Planner
The ultimate wedding planner book

Hen party bracelet

Personalised tea towel
Personalised wedding tea towel

Overall, the box is ok, it didn’t really ‘wow’ me and I probably won’t look into most of the items in the box as they aren’t fitting for how I would like my wedding to be but if you are stuck for ideas it could be helpful. My favourite items that I think I would look into/use are the confetti pop, shoe stickers, wedding planner book, the bag and the bride glasses.

The only downside for me with the wedding planner book is that some sections only contain space for 80 people (like the seating chart) which, for someone like me who is having about 350 people at their reception, is not very useful.

I would also say that I wish they had more company brands in the box and more of a variety of products or services such as companies that do chair hire etc. Do I think £20 was a good price for the box? I think the price is ok but going back I don’t think I would have purchased it again.

Jo x

The Girls and the Dresses | The Wedding Series

One of the key parts of any wedding – the bridal party and their dresses.

Having been a bridesmaid on several occasions before, I know first-hand how hard it can be at times to afford all the expenses that come with being a bridesmaid so my priority – now being a bride was to keep costs down without sacrificing the vision for my wedding day – of course!

First, choosing the girls. I had already picked who I wanted even before being proposed to simply because I already knew with no doubts who I wanted because they were all so dear to me and had been there with me through the toughest moments of my life.

Now, something important I need to point out for any future brides out there – choose people who are going to HELP.

It’s nice to have all your nearest and dearest but if they aren’t going to be helpful, supportive or cooperative during the wedding process maybe it would be better to politely leave them aside on this occasion. The last thing any bride wants, during a time which is stressful, to begin with, is more stress from those who are supposed to relieve some of it.

Fortunately for me, I knew I could count on the support of those I chose and it was a bonus that they all mean something to me.

Next step – dresses.

Initially we went to a store to try on some dresses but I was less than happy with their version of the colour I was looking for (I won’t reveal you will have to wait to see the colour on the day hehe) it looked so dusty – I will not mention any names; their dresses were beautiful but the colour I wanted wasn’t appealing.

I decided to go with a tailor friend of mine who makes amazing bridesmaid dresses, for me this was the best option as I would be able to get the style I want, in the colour I want and it will be guaranteed to fit everyone well regardless of their size – not only this but at a cheaper price than paying for a dress in the shop! Amazing!

Thank you MCJ Fashion for agreeing to do the dresses for some of the most important girls in my life on one of the most important days in my life! I am so excited to work with you and I cannot wait to see the outcome of the dresses. If you guys want to check out her work I will leave all her links below.

And as for the dresses, you will have to wait and see the outcome :D

So far everything seems to be a breeze but there is much more in store so stay tuned as I share my journey to the altar.

Jo x

Links for MCJ Fashion:
Website: http://www.mcjfashion.com
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/mcj.fashion

So, I’m Engaged! | The Wedding Series

Hey, guys!

I know I was due to start a new blog series but that will have to be put on hold for just a moment hehe.

So as this post is titled, I got engaged! (Cue celebrations).

Truth be told I knew it was coming as it was something myself and now fiancé (I need to get used to saying this) had discussed but I had no idea when it would happen and how I would react.

Tuesday 6th June 2017 – myself and five friends had arranged to go to the theatre to watch Motown – which by the way is amazing if you like the music of such artists like Diana Ross, Jackson Five, Marvin Gaye etc.

The day before and on the day people were acting weird and saying strange things to me, which I later found out was an attempt to throw me off, even to the point my fiancé made me feel bad for dressing up to go out with my friends (I was so confused…who doesn’t make a little effort on a girl’s night out?) Well, this lead me to having this nagging feeling all day which I was desperate to brush off and just enjoy my evening.

The show finished and my friend was making us hang back until everyone left to take a photo, stalling us of course, one of her family members daughters was in the cast so she told us she was waiting outside to take a picture with us and so we proceeded to the exit.

As I walked out and I saw him I just remember saying ‘what are you doing here?!’ (haha) trust me to do something like that. Not only this but many my other friends who had not come with us but also watched the show and sat elsewhere, were also there, phone cameras at the ready!

At this point my body froze I was trying to find something to hold onto, my legs and hands were shaking like a leaf in complete shock!

He shared a few touching words and proceeded to get down on one knee (oh and did I mention all the theatre staff were there also) and asked me to marry him! Of course, I said yes!

I must admit I was elated but even now, three days after, it still hasn’t sunk in that I am getting married and that I am engaged! So crazy!

I am looking forward to sharing my wedding journey with you all, the different stages and updates etc. In the meantime, here are some pictures of the proposal for you to enjoy!

May the wedding preparations begin!

Jo x


Captured Moments | Christ Church Spitalfields

Hi guys, today I just wanted to share some pictures I took recently on my phone, which is a Samsung galaxy s7, of a beautiful church in East London. I hope you enjoy and let me know if you want me to do more of these ‘captured moments’ posts. Enjoy the photos. Jo x

Little details
Little intricate details
stained glass windows and chandeliers
Beautiful chandeliers and stained glass windows
close up of chandelier
Chandelier close up
basement hallway
I loved the depth of this basement hallway.
basement seating
Lovely intimate basement seating area
church organ
Grand church organ which is still used until today

How to achieve your goals in 2017

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks, it will be opened.” Matthew 7:7-8

If you have something you want to achieve this year and you are not sure how to, look no further than the Bible for inspiration, hope, encouragement and direction – trust me you will not regret it.

Today I would like to speak about the verse that is at the beginning of this post, some of you may read it and think ‘oh, well that’s simple, everyone knows that if I want something I have to ask for it’ but you would be surprised by the number of people who do not follow this simple direction that is apparently common sense. For those who are followers of Christ, they will also take this on this direction as a promise from God (which it is) and therefore also will remind Him of what He promised because He does not lie and must fulfil His word. But you need to also do your part.

‘Ask and it will be given to you’

Simple – ask and it will be given if you want something just ask, however, this simple action already alone people are so afraid because they are scared they will be rejected or get the dreaded ‘no’ but how do you expect to get anything if you don’t ask? Are you afraid to ask the waitress in the restaurant to bring you food? Or to ask a sales person in a shop if they have a different size? If you stopped asking for things in day to day life think to yourself, where or what will you do? So cast away the fear and ask – you will be surprised with the results!

‘Seek and you will find’

Some, if not most opportunities in life do not fall out of the sky and onto your lap, you need to look for them. You want a new job? You need to search for one. Need funding for a business idea? You need to go out and look for a sponsor or someone to fund you. Things more often than not do not just appear to you, you need to go and find it, and if you are one of those who says that an opportunity ‘just came your way’ – then great! But do not think that will always happen.

‘Knock and it will be opened to you’

If you are going to your friends or families house, when you arrive at the door you knock so they know you are there and can let you in right? But if you don’t knock, how can they know you need to come in? Sometimes we need to knock on doors and keep knocking until one opens. Sometimes this can be a physical door (businesses, manager, etc.) or it can mean you calling that company again, going to speak to that person again, whatever it takes to see that ‘door open’ You need to be persistent, granted not all doors are for us and therefore will not open, but if you have the assurance that it’s for you, don’t give up on the first hurdle if you give up you will never know what you are truly made of.

What’s the point of this post you may ask? If you want to achieve your goals for 2017 you need to go after it. Even if you say you believe in God, praying is not enough. You need to go out there, ask, find, knock, keep going until you get an answer. If you get a ‘no’ get back up and keep going! They say good things come to those who wait, but how long are you going to be just waiting for? Opportunities are not like buses so get off the sofa and get out there, make things happen! Because time is not waiting for you and if you do nothing, it will be January 2018 and you will have nothing to show for your year.

You are more than capable so go get it!


Do something this week in relation to this post, ask something you were afraid to ask, go out there and find what you have been putting off, go again to that place that is not giving you answers. I don’t know what it is you need to do, but challenge yourself to do it this week.

Share below your comments, even feel free to share what you will do and what the outcome was, I would love to know! :)

Do you have a topic you would like me to write about? Share with me in the comments.

Until next time.

Jo x

Are you a morning person? No? Maybe this is why…


Off the bat, I have to admit I am not a morning person by far! To get up in the morning feels like a chore and I would rather sleep until 10 am.

Saying this, I came across a very interesting article discussing the idea that based on what time of day you were born will determine if you are a morning or evening person, an owl or a lark (if you are into birds). The article states that ‘the body clock may be set when a baby is first exposed to the light of the world. The nature or quality of the light they experience appears to help set their body’s clock (the circadian rhythm) for the rest of their life.’

Interesting right? Furthermore, they also mention of a study done by psychologists at Cleveland State University in Ohio in 2010 where they gave large groups of students mental-performance tests in the morning and in the late afternoon. They examined the health records of these students to determine whether they were born in the morning or born later and the results showed that those who were born in the morning done better in the morning tests and those who were born later done better in the tests done in the afternoon (crazy).

If you would like to read more about this I will leave the source of the article at the bottom of this post.

Now speaking of myself, I was born in the evening, I think around 8 pm to be exact and I, like I said at the beginning of the post, am not a morning person by far!

So now I put it to you and I would love to hear your thoughts? Were you born in the morning or later in the afternoon? (if you know) AND would you say that you are a morning person or a night person?

Let me know in the comments below!

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4089536/Not-morning-person-born-night-s-not-old-wives-tale-s-scientific-proof-timing-birth-affects-like-wake-besides.html